The First Step to Building a Customer Experience Strategy – Understand Corporate Strategy

    In this series, I’ll be talking about the 5 steps to building a differentiating customer experience strategy. The Customer Experience Strategy is a part of the Competency pillar within the Three Cs Framework I introduced in 2010 – Competency, Credibility and Culture.

    The 5 steps to building a customer experience strategy.

    Step 1: Understand Corporate Strategy

    Step 2: Who are you as a company?

    Step 3: What do your customers want?

    Step 4: Redefine your mission statement

    Step 5: Get CEO Buy In

    After you’ve done this, start to id your holes.

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    Oh, how far we’ve come – and how far we still have to travel!

    Happy CX Pros day!

    Hi everyone! I’ve been on the road pretty consistently for the last 4 weeks and there are definitely some themes that are popping up across all the conferences and private events I’ve been doing. I’ve met so many of you and I’m always so delighted to get to hear people’s stories. Especially their stories about their CX journey.

    The themes I’ve found that I have to share and I think that we, as a practice, need to address are:

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    OMG. Is it time to Stop the Survey Madness?

    I’m having one of those moments. I’m on line, answering emails and I received a request for feedback on a recent transaction I did with one of the financial institutions I do business with (and that we all revere as one of the best.)

    Because the rep was so good, I jumped at the opportunity to give feedback on his performance.  As I was filling out question after question after question and starting to get survey fatigue, my new Windows 10 installation popped up with a “Would you be willing to give us feedback on your new product?” and (I kid you not) I then got yet ANOTHER pop up for a web site I was using. Literally, three survey requests in less than 30 seconds.

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    Starting a Voice of Customer (VOC) program

    I’m a big fan of KISS. The acronym, not the band. And for those of you who have met me, you know how I feel about acronyms!

    KISS – Keep it Super Simple (I like this definition way better than the original) is what I think the mantra for starting a VOC program should be. VOC programs are core components of successful customer experience programs.  I’ve been talking to a ton of people lately and there seems to be a few really big boulders that I see out there for Voice of Customer program leaders and analysts.

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    Excusing a Behavior

    “Please stop talking now and listen to me.”

    I actually said this to a general manager of a very fine dining establishment in my hometown last week. I’d taken a dear friend of mine who was in town out to brunch at one of our favorite local restaurants. I have loved this place for years. It has awesome food, great views and is really a lovely place to dine.

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    What are the 3 Cs of Customer Experience Management (CEM)?

    I’ve been asked so many times – “How do you approach customer experience each time you walk into a new company?”.  My answer is that every company is different and every customer is different. Of course, over the two decades of doing this work, I’ve definitely learned what works and what doesn’t. I’ve also created a set of tools that I apply every time to every transformation. I call them the “3 Cs of CEM: Credibility. Competency. Culture”.

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    Customer Experience Execution – Deadly Sins (CXEDS)

    In this series, I’ll be sharing stories of where the rubber met the road and melted on impact.

    CXEDS #1: Correcting your Customer

    I was in Austin for SXSW a while back and I went to go pick up my rental car. We’ll leave the behemoth unnamed. Austin is a tiny airport and there is really only one place to go when you get off of your plane. All the travelers are exiting through one of just a couple exits. I follow the crowd, a little punchy from my early morning Sunday flight, and get to the car rental area.

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    Asking the right questions. Why is a chili called a “chili” – when we all know it is really hot!

    Asking the right questions. Why is a chili called a “chili” – when we all know it is really hot!

    I’m fascinated by the number of people that are still trying to get a pulse on their business by asking how satisfied people are. Your satisfied customers are satisfied. Leave them be. Let’s focus on the ones who aren’t satisfied. put out a piece talking about how many people remember having unsatisfactory experiences. (1 in 5 Walk Away from a Brand after a Bad Experience)  The real tell seems to be how dissatisfied someone is with you. Or how difficult it was for someone to do business with you. Yet so many times, we’re still asking (and talking about) satisfaction. There are a thousand bits of learning under “ask the right question” but let’s start with a simple truth:

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